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At present, the company has advanced various types of large and medium-sized rotary drilling rigs, rotary drilling rigs, percussion drills, hammer pile drivers, survey drilling rigs, deep cement mixing pile machines, vibratory pile equipment, long screw pile machines, gravel pile equipment, large and medium-sized 244 sets of various large and medium-sized construction equipment such as vibrating hammers, cranes, excavators, excavators, soil transport vehicles, soil destroyers, road rollers, graders, etc.

Water flushing ground treatment gravel pile machinery

The company purchased in 2020 and 2021 three sets of new advanced rotary drilling RIGS, Sany SR445R, Zoomlion ZR400L; The above equipment can be used for the construction of pile diameter of 0.8m to 2.8m, pile depth of 100m, and more than 8m into the complete granite layer
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