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Nuclear Industry (Guilin) Foundation Engineering Co. Ltd

Nuclear industry (guilin) foundation engineering co., LTD. Was established in 1993, formerly known as guilin foundation engineering co., LTD. On March 8, 2017, it absorbed and merged Guilin Engineering Investigation Institute of Nuclear Industry, and in November 2020, it was renamed as Nuclear Industry (Guilin) Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd. The nature of the company is limited liability company. The company has passed the quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety system certification; It is a medium-sized enterprise with engineering investigation professional class (geotechnical engineering (reconnaissance)) class a, labor service class (geological drilling), ground foundation engineering professional contracting class a, highway subgrade engineering professional contracting class a, highway pavement engineering professional contracting class two qualifications. At present, the company has 420 employees, including 92 managers of various types, including 16 first-level project managers and 14 second-level project managers. With senior title 28 people, 84 people with intermediate title, skilled workers account for more than 90%. The company registered capital of 20.15 million yuan, fixed assets 235.5 million yuan, at present, the company has all kinds of advanced large and medium-sized rotating drill, rotary drill, impact drill, hammer, hammer, exploration drilling and the deep cement mixing pile machine, vibrator equipment, long screw pile machine, gravel pile equipment, large and medium-sized vibration hammer, crane, drivers, excavator, soil transport vehicles, to destroy the soil machine, road roller, grader and other large and medium-sized construction equipment 244 sets, total power of 10429 kw, in the construction output value of 520 million yuan.

The company is located in Bali Street Economic and Technological Development Zone, Guilin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, under the jurisdiction of engineering investigation, foundation engineering, road and bridge engineering, geological investigation and geotechnical experiments and other professional engineering agencies. The company has set up: Hunan Branch, Yunnan Dali Branch, Guangdong Branch, Guangzhou Branch, Maoming Branch, Guangxi Nanning Southwest Investigation Branch; In 2007, we started to set up overseas branches in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Dubai and Djibouti.

Over the years, the company has undertaken various types of drilling, engineering investigation, highway, bridge, earthwork, tunnel and all kinds of basic engineering projects.

Drilling in recent years, mineral exploration projects are: ma's regional uranium reconnaissance project resources county in guangxi, guangxi luchuan ishida, north flow, the dragon regional uranium study project, guoshan long-shan jin uranium reconnaissance project, guiding county in guizhou province east zinc balance drilling engineering, guangxi cane county town in guangxi are cold water pond lead-zinc mine project, two soil census Jiang Ling copper mine project core drilling project, etc.; Poverty alleviation, water exploration and well construction projects undertaken: water exploration and well drilling project of "12th Five-Year" Rural Drinking Water Safety Project of Guangxi Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources (completed 1:10,000 hydrogeological survey and geophysical exploration in Yanshan District, Yangshuo County and Lingchuan County, Guilin City, as well as hydrogeological drilling and well completion (drilled 9100m and completed 60 Wells); Targeted poverty alleviation, water exploration and well drilling project of Guangxi Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources in poverty-stricken areas (completed 1:10,000 hydrogeological survey, geophysical exploration, hydrogeological drilling and well completion (7 Wells completed) in 10 villages of Yangshuo County, Guilin City).

In recent years, engineering investigation projects mainly include: Four seasons of liuzhou city investigation, liuzhou rongshui country garden issue of geological survey, baise mining group co., LTD. (debao), advanced high performance aluminum integration project pile foundation drilling exploration for country garden walk, guilin, a period of investigation, liuzhou miles jiangwan three periods of geological survey, guilin Shirley temple east county government advanced drilling exploration, liuzhou, guilin GongCheng camellia town map of rongan mountain lake, a maritime city survey, country garden phase ii LiPu city advanced drilling engineering, geotechnical engineering investigation folding color experiment elementary school in guilin, guangxi as deep state research project water supply plant, energy conservation and environmental protection industry to visit the waterworks, investigation of the thermal power plant issue of technical services, diecai railway in guilin area relocation Eye survey, CenXi city north vice-mayor village shantytown renovation project (block B) housing for yulin in engineering survey, and county project advanced drilling engineering survey, mengshan cocoon industry standard factory building and supporting facilities construction project survey, ding city in three areas (block 7) project geology survey, longsheng, yao port highway lotus to longsheng county in the period of construction drawing design № 1 standard geological survey for the worksite, guangzhou zengcheng green lake seven times, capital project geological survey, Jin Chengjiang liujia to urban water supply engineering geological investigation, the concept of honor and river government project detailed survey, drilling engineering in advance.

In recent years, the construction of main bridge project: yunnan Dali prefecture chicken foot mountain tourist highway, Dali prefecture in yunnan province chicken foot three periods of the second contract section of mountain tourism, national highway 214 line eryuan county city to the Dali period of reconstruction project Er source connecting embankment construction bidding (subgrade construction two blocks), Dali examples (leap) to yunlong (deng) secondary highway geology landslide treatment engineering project;

In recent years, international engineering projects mainly include:

Construction projects in Indonesia: Indonesia, the port south su (1) power plant earthwork excavation filling level off, Indonesia's Sumatra SUMSEL (kisumu self) to 5 (2 x 150 mw) pithead coal-fired power plant project, thousands of Indonesia Dan 1 x 670 mw supercritical coal-fired power plant project, Indonesia, south su 1 2 x 350 mw coal-fired power generation engineering, new Indonesia Saratoga 4 x 1000 mw coal-fired power plants; Indonesia Wantan Conch Cement Plant Pile Foundation Project, Indonesia Tangjun A (2660MW) Coal-fired Power Plant Project;

II. United Arab Emirates: Ground treatment of coal shed gravel pile in phase I of Dubai Hasyan Clean Coal-fired Power Plant (4×600MW NET), pile foundation of coal yard, pile foundation of wharf, and cast-in-place pile of high-voltage rotary excavation tower; Dubai, United Arab Emirates 700MW solar power station tower pile foundation project (70,000), photovoltaic power generation (230,000) pile foundation project; Dubai DEWA 700MW CSP - Phase 4 - Earthwork Formation of Solar Power Tower Power Plant Project Pile foundation project of 950MW photovoltaic power station in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (380,000); Wumu Gaiwan Seawater Desalination Plant Earthwork leveling project, steel sheet pile, permanent road in the field, wall construction project;

III. Construction projects in Vietnam: Vietnam coastal second phase 2 x 660 mw coal-fired power plants cement stirring pile engineering bid C2 project, ho chi minh city, Vietnam sun square pile foundation engineering, Vietnam yongxing coal-fired power plant first phase of the BOT project supplied by bovise lendlease I mark, Vietnam haiphong power plant issue of pile foundation engineering, Vietnam kam's power plant phase (1, 2) pile foundation engineering, pile foundation engineering of Vietnam wang secret power plant 330 mw, the nanning flat head (coal) fertilizer project engineering, Vietnam quang ninh thermal power plant phase ii - pile engineering, Vietnam yunghsin power plant phase ii, punching pile engineering tinh steel sintering plant pile engineering - PHC pile engineering, New Construction Project of Formosa Plasma Hejing Steel Making -- Drilling Pile Engineering, Stage II of Vietnam Haiphong (2X300MW) Power Plant, Pile Foundation Project of 2×220MW Maoxi Coalfired Thermal Power Plant in Vietnam; Diaphragm wall and pile foundation works of Ho Chi Minh Sun Plaza, Vietnam; Cement Mixing Pile Project of C2 Section of 2*660MW Coastal Power Plant Phase II in Vietnam;

In recent years, the main domestic infrastructure projects are as follows: Yunnan Dali erhai lake in the sewage construction bid a dig color sewage treatment plant of foundation pit and foundation engineering foundation engineering, liuzhou, guilin shangri-la hotel wanda plaza engineering pile foundation and foundation pit supporting project, liuzhou public transportation project (phase I) 01 - pile foundation engineering, civil engineering construction mine group (longlin) aluminum industrial demonstration park of coal integration project in johor self-provided power plant of 2 x 350 mw thermal power unit pile foundation engineering, mediatek, dry in the eight street view project in guilin 14 # punch block foundation pile in the engineering, guangxi area flourish, swan fort 11 # floor punching pile foundation engineering construction, the guangxi area xing rong county in the three phase of the pile foundation engineering Construction, in the guangxi area deep technology of intelligent manufacturing industrial park project workshop two, three phase of the pile foundation engineering, nanning ZhangTai foundation pit supporting project, nanning international airport, mongkok, new integrated transport hub body engineering construction general contracting project pile foundation of the subcontract works, flat bodyice country issue 2 blocks 11 #, 12 #, 13 # buildings and basement pile foundation engineering; Underground continuous wall project for foundation pit support of 15-5 block of Guangzhou Sishi Vanke Center, underground continuous wall project for foundation pit support of Guangzhou European Group Headquarters Building, underground continuous wall project for foundation pit support of Oujia Building in Shenzhen, Guangdong, etc.

Over the years, the qualified rate of all kinds of engineering projects completed is 100%, and the excellent rate is 84%. The company has won 10 excellent projects of the Ministry and 5 excellent achievements awards of the Ministry. The ministerial project "drilling construction technology of sand and gravel layer" undertaken by the company has won the national patent. In 1995, the company was awarded "National Geological Survey Meritorious Unit" by the State Planning Commission, Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Personnel and All-China Federation of Trade Unions. In August 1995, the people's government of guangxi zhuang autonomous region awarded the title of "advanced unit of geological investigation in the autonomous region". Our company participated in the first phase of the Yongxin coal-fired power plant in Vietnam and won the Vietnam "National Quality Construction Project Quality Award" in 2020.

For a long time, the company's engineering quality is excellent, the social reputation is outstanding, the company will as always pursue the "quality first, innovation and enterprising, green environmental protection" service purpose, abide by the contract, keep promises, and wholeheartedly with the new and old friends at home and abroad for various forms of cooperation, to create greater social and economic benefits.


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